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Vision & future

Vision & future

Though revolutionary in its own right, our pioneering Smart Helmet technology is only the beginning of a greater journey towards transforming the entire riding experience.

Forcite aims to lead the way globally in the research, study, and development of emerging ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance System) technology. To fully understand the cognitive effects this type of technology has on motorcyclists, and deliver the safest and most dynamic riding experience possible on our roads of the future.


For the Forcite team, creating a better future for riders, including ourselves, is everything. We’re fiercely dedicated to our vision of the safest and most dynamic riding experience for all. Taking collaboratively-sourced new ideas that truly solve problems with the aim of creating innovative motorcycle technology. We’re already thinking about what the riding experience of the future could hold, and working to enhance it. From our beginnings as a small community of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re now investing in the next generation of riders, racers and young designers who share our vision for the future of this industry.

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Forcite is at heart a technology company. Around us, innovation within transportation, smart automotive technology, and AI is occurring at lightning pace. Future generations of motorcycles will have on-bike smarts that will seamlessly communicate with the riders via their Smart Helmet. Just as driverless cars pull trillions of data points from the cloud to operate, so too will smart helmets. Providing the rider with informed safety alerts, avoidance detection and information to enhance the riding experience.

Riders can expect a future in which Forcite technology predicts what is going to happen on the road before it actually happens. Forcite Riders of the future will connect with the transportation AI of smart cities. Using the information provided to stay safe, communicate with other vehicles and offer new navigation routes to speed up their journey.

This ecosystem of Smart Helmets, smart bikes, driverless cars and intelligent transportation systems offers an incredibly exciting future and one that Forcite will be driving forward.

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