Riding reinvented

Life is a ride and the journey should be exhilarating
FORCITE immerses riders in the thrill of riding, enabling them to foresee the FUTURE, enhance the PRESENT and relive the PAST.

Next shipment available DECEMBER 2020. Strictly limited to 300 units ONLY. Last chance special offer. Expressions of interest essential

the future

Critical GPS informed alerts translated into a unique in-helmet LED display that ensures future hazards and road conditions are instantly known and visible.

the present

Take calls, listen to music, talk to fellow riders and receive audio alerts with Bluetooth/HiFi integrated speakers, and Omni-directional dual microphones.

the past

Whatever your riding style the fully integrated front mounted camera delivers a high definition recording that can be downloaded and replayed.

Form &

The Forcite MK1 was engineered with both weight reduction and compactness as a priority, maintaining a sleek and traditional silhouette thanks to the all-encompassing chin-mounted electronics module.