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Discover what it means to become a Forcite rider

Forcite ownership can be defined by far more than just purchasing and receiving an exceptional product. We want to create Forcite Riders for life, and the ride should be remarkable in every way.

Forcite has a reputation for going above and beyond for our product owners, and we’ve created the single most loyal and passionate community of collaborative motorcyclists on the planet. We look forward to you joining the team.

The Community

A strong sense of community is synonymous with the Forcite brand, and will play an ongoing and significant role in your helmet ownership experience. Collaborative design and development is in our DNA, whether it’s customers collaborating with the Forcite development team, or interacting with each other via our social media forum exclusively for Forcite Riders.

The “Forcite Riders Only” Facebook group is a buzzing platform where riders can connect with each other to share and learn from their experiences, seek help and advice, or even organize group rides and meet-ups in order to expand their riding network. We as a company are in awe daily at the level of comradery displayed amongst our community members, and are excited to see this grow further across Australia, and into international markets.


Forcite’s product ecosystem is in a perpetual state of evolution. With collaborative design and development in our DNA, and as our community of riders grows, each bringing with them a unique perspective on what the ultimate riding experience should entail, the collective user experience becomes stronger and more advanced.

Our in-house team of seasoned software developers and firmware engineers not only look to our community of customers to determine which new features to develop and release next, but even include them in the quality control and sign off procedure, ensuring that the needs of the collective community are being constantly met.

We’re not afraid to take our hardware back to the drawing board either. Our debut helmet, The Forcite MK1, has received a significant facelift in some key areas assisted by valuable customer feedback. These items were even designed to be retrofittable to the previous model. We’re always on the lookout for the next opportunity to make your Forcite experience even more special.

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State of the art technology demands best in class usability. That’s why we’ve engineered the Forcite ecosystem to allow for over-the-air software and firmware updating.

Forcite’s expert team of software developers and firmware engineers are constantly working towards the next major update or feature release, and we’ve made it incredibly simple for our customers to integrate these new features into their on-road experience when they become available.

Updating your mobile app is as simple as downloading the latest version from your preferred app store, while your helmet and bluetooth controller can be wirelessly updated to the latest firmware version by following a few simple steps in your mobile app.

Ota Is The Only Way


A motorcycle helmet shell is intended to withstand ONE impact in its lifetime. Once this single impact has occurred, the protective EPS layer of that helmet shell can become compromised, and its effectiveness in future impacts can no longer be guaranteed. Unfortunately, that impact can sometimes occur prematurely. For example, when your helmet falls off your bike, or a table, or comes into contact with a hard surface in the event of an accident.

Historically, in this circumstance a helmet owner would have no choice but to discard their damaged helmet, and pay the full cost of replacing it.

Forcite helmet owners benefit from our unique electronics module integration procedure. If your helmet sustains an impact, simply contact our support team, and initiate a shell replacement support request. We will arrange for your helmet to be returned to our headquarters, where our engineers will analyze and assess the electronics module inside your existing helmet. If the electronics module is deemed to have been unaffected by the impact, and safe to install into a brand new shell, we will complete the installation and send your helmet back to you for less than half the price of an entire new helmet.

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Although Forcite remains active in the community, regularly hosting demonstration and fitting events for our future customers, we understand that not everybody has the opportunity to try on a helmet before making a purchase online. Second only to safety, customer satisfaction is a top priority. That’s why our manufacturing, assembly, and customer onboarding processes are designed to thrive in this modern, digital purchasing landscape we find ourselves in.

All Forcite helmet customers are entitled to a one-time free size swap* to ensure perfect fit before using your helmet on the road or racetrack. Simply reach out to one of our customer service experts via the Forcite support channel (provide link) and they will work with you to determine the best way to move forward.

We also offer a range of different sized padding that fit across our range of shell sizes should you need to find a custom fitting solution. Again, our customer service experts will work with you to determine the best solution for you.

*Helmets are only eligible for a size swap if they are in brand new condition with all original tags and packaging still intact.

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