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Mobile App


Our in-house developed Mobile App is the control centre for your entire Forcite experience… An intuitive interface puts you in control of all the smart features Forcite has to offer, and allows you to tailor them to your unique riding style.

Developed with input from a growing and diverse community of riders, our bespoke app and software package is frequently updated with new features and performance upgrades driven by user feedback and on-road data.


Gear Up. Go. 

Juggling multiple apps in an attempt to connect and manage multiple devices is old news. 

Forcite Riders enjoy a seamless Bluetooth connectivity experience every time so you can gear up and hit the road with minimal fuss.

  1. Follow the in-app onboarding process to link your Forcite helmet and Bluetooth controller to your smartphone.

  2. Once setup is complete, your helmet and controller will automatically reconnect to your mobile device.

  3. Power levels, camera status and available storage can be viewed in real time.



A new benchmark for navigating on two wheels

The Forcite app provides the modern motorcyclist with all the mapping tools they need to ride with confidence on every journey.

Forcite Command - our cloud-based server and software system is always active and always learning… A sophisticated backend translates data on upcoming road conditions into personalised alerts, delivered to you via your Forcite helmet.

  1. Select an address or landmark and begin a navigation session to receive directions via your Forcite helmet, then put your phone away and watch the magic happen.

  2. Map out your next adventure with multiple waypoints, and share the route with other Forcite Riders in your group.

  3. Our predictive alerting model provides real time updates on upcoming road conditions, taking into account your direction of travel, speed, and personalisations. You can change these settings in the app any time to find what works for you.

Forcite App Navigation Screens


Capturing your ride and sharing the experience has never been this easy

With multiple shooting modes at your fingertips, you can program your Forcite helmet’s integrated camera to best capture your next ride.

Add the introduction of our instant media transfer cable, and Forcite Riders enjoy unmatched convenience when it comes to media management.

  1. Auto-Record enables you to capture your ride without the need to use the app or controller. Turn your helmet on, and recording starts automatically. Footage is saved when you turn your helmet off.

  2. Dashcam mode continuously records until you reach your SD card’s storage capacity, then deletes the oldest footage on a loop so you can set and forget while capturing everything, all the time.

  3. By connecting your Instant Media Access Cable, you can view and manage video files inside the Forcite app, as well as trim and export clips up to 30 seconds in length.

Forcite App Media and Editing Screens


The Forcite user experience is in a perpetual state of evolution. New features are frequently rolled out to our community via software and firmware updates, ensuring that your on-road experience is constantly becoming smarter and more advanced.

As the Forcite company and community grows, so too does our ability to expand our team of expert developers and engineers. Throughout 2022 and beyond Forcite will continue to gain access to more resources, allowing us to supercharge the enrichment of your user experience.

Quick and Easy Software Updates

Enjoying new features is as simple as downloading the latest mobile app version from your preferred app store. We provide all customers with a monthly report on what the Forcite development team have been working on, and new features & performance upgrades you can expect to see in the near future.

Over-the-air Firmware Updates

Experience best in class usability with over-the-air updating for your Forcite helmet and bluetooth controller. No cables, no browser based downloads. Just unparalleled convenience.

Community Driven Development Pipeline

The future of the Forcite user experience is in your hands. Not only do we look to our community of customers for guidance on which features to develop and release next, but they also make up a quality assurance road testing team tasked with providing feedback, and ultimately the seal of approval on new mobile app versions before being made available to the wider community.

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