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The next generation

The MK1S - The next generation

The MK1S is an exciting new chapter in the Forcite story. A huge leap forward in terms of comfort, usability, and our ongoing commitment to collaborative, community driven design. It’s the evolution of what is still the global benchmark in Smart Helmet execution.

The MK1S is for the next generation of Forcite Riders.

Picking up right where the MK1 left off, the MK1S is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to satisfy the evolving needs of a growing customer base, and leverage their experiences to continually advance our product offering.

We’ve taken the lead in Smart Helmet design and execution, and now it’s time to kick it up a gear. The MK1S is the culmination of over 12 months and countless kilometres of further innovation from the riders who made it all possible. And it’s your ticket to joining the Forcite team.

The MK1S Next Generation Of Riders Square Image