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Team & culture

Team & culture

Forcite is fueled by a love for all the intricate storylines that exist within two-wheeled culture… From the serene pit stop on your favourite winding road. To the roaring pit lane of your local racetrack. Our technologies are designed to be written into any scene. And enhance any riding experience.

When it comes to our team and approach to design, whether it’s the growing army of customers repping our products on the streets. Or the expanding network of developers, engineers, and industry experts we employ and collaborate with. We give ourselves the best chance possible to uncover that next wild idea. The next industry-first.


While it’s not mandatory for our employees to ride a motorcycle, an overwhelming majority of our entire staff are in fact riders. We incorporate the Forcite ecosystem into our daily riding routine. From Our Lead Software Developer who is a custom cycle obsessive, and used to build them for a living. To our Chief Financial Officer who dived into the world of motorcycling after joining Forcite at the ripe age of 56 and has been completely consumed by it. It’s an infectious workplace culture that draws in like-minded individuals, and reaches out beyond our walls into the wider community.

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We believe in refining our software and hardware designs over and over until they’re exceptional. Then we do it again. Adopting an iterative approach to design where failure is part of the solution - the road behind us is littered with prototypes that didn’t make the grade, but provided a necessary stepping stone to the next breakthrough. Our expert team of designers and engineers spend hundreds of hours perfecting even the smallest components and processes, and our acute attention to detail is reflected in every product we ship.

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Our love for motorsport sees us contribute to competitive riding in many of its heart-pounding forms. From producing exhilarating POV racing + stunt riding content that would otherwise be impossible without our Smart Helmet technology, to supporting riders and race events at a club level all the way up to the Australian Superbike Championship. Becoming increasingly more involved in motorcycle racing has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We aim to grow our roster of sponsored athletes over 2022 and beyond, and look forward to investing more time and resources into revolutionising race broadcasting.

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