About Forcite



Like many successful brands Forcite was born out of first hand experience. In 2016 biking enthusiast Alfred Boyadgis took a fall going through an oil slick, seriously injuring his knee. It transpired the camera mount had smashed through the side of his helmet compromising the protection to his head. Aside from needing a safer helmet the thought did strike him that given modern, sophisticated tracking technology we should surely be able to anticipate such hazards allowing riders to take evasive action before they become a danger.

So, far from being the end of a journey this "lucky accident" sparked a new one. Together with fellow industrial designer Julian Chow the two founders quit their jobs and set out to create a helmet from scratch; one that not only provided superior protection, but also reinvented the riding experience for the better. The Forcite company was born.


After many thousand hours of painstaking work, and some frustrating blind alleys, they finally developed a unique system that could successfully deliver the vision and foresee hazards well before they were encountered. The Forcite MK1 prototype was launched In the summer of 2019 with the backing of Uniseed capital and entrepreneurial investors. From there the "Founders Edition" helmet was developed as an Alpha model designed to gauge rider interest and performance in the real world. Of the 1000 Foundation helmets produced 700 were sold within 48 hours - crashing the website - and the remainder were snapped up within a matter of weeks.

Since then the Forcite team has worked collaboratively with several thousand motorcyclists using an extensive tour of Australia to fine-tune development via real world feedback. With a combined total investment of $4.8 Million to date, Forcite managed to acquire ECE certification and successfully begin delivery of our first 1000 MK1 helmets despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic. This was the first smart helmet in the world to achieve this safety level and in addition won a Good Design Award adding style to function.


With the help of over 8000 riders,1000 Founders, a dedicated production team and two obsessive motorbike enthusiasts, the Forcite helmet is now in full production. It is the worlds' first mass-produced truly smart helmet combining the joy of riding with the certainty of a future that can now be foreseen. It has truly reinvented riding.


We are committed to the ongoing development of technological systems that enhance the riding experience of motorcycle riders. Motorcycling is a multi-billion dollar business with over 50 million motorcycles sold around the world each year. It will have a value of $US156 Billion by 2026*, and yet it has traditionally played second fiddle to automotive when it comes to technological innovation.

We intend to change that.

Forcite will continue to adopt and adapt new systems that are currently sucked up by the Automotive Industry and apply them specifically to the motorcycle sector.

To date Forcite has tapped into the experience of a large community of dedicated riders to develop the world's most sophisticated motorcycle helmet. We know this is a beginning and not an end. In the coming years technology will find new ways of foreseeing the future, enhancing the present and capturing the past. It may take many forms but we will constantly reshape them. Here are just a few examples:


Areas of future development include but are not restricted to:

  • Development of camera systems that include Computer vision (ARAS*)

  • Predictive Ai software systems

  • Advanced user-input data for registering unexpected hazards such as potholes and changed road conditions

  • Linking with the roads of the future and navigating with Self-driving

  • Interacting with smart cities and the new challenges they will present.

*advanced driver/rider assistance systems


  • Finding new ways to better pair with the motorcycle

  • Distance communication between riders

  • Even better navigation acutely sensitive to changes in the built environment.

  • Enhanced Audio and comms

  • Continued development of the Forcite Community with valued opportunity for contribution, feedback and evaluation of different rider needs.


  • Rider analytics

  • Accident re-creation and insurance

  • Cloud backup

  • SOS systems

  • Video sharing and media

* according to MotoryclesData.com