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Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition


For decades, the words Drudi Performance have been stamped on motorcycling’s most iconic, most recognizable, and most celebrated helmet designs to signify the work of Aldo Drudi - The Italian artist and design phenom entrusted by MotoGP’s biggest names to create one-of-a-kind helmet graphics that emulate their unique character and personality.

Nexus Detail

That was Aldo’s motivation whilst creating the striking visuals for the new Forcite MK1S NEXUS Edition. The electrifying neo-retro design speaks to Forcite’s unique ability to relay information across a network in order to give the rider a heightened sense of awareness on the road, while paying homage to design cues from the 1980’s in an effort to acknowledge Forcite’s simplified yet effective approach to technology integration.

Forcite MK1S Nexus Photoshoot - Front View

“This was a job that Drudi Performance could not turn down. We have always worked on protective helmets for motorcyclists, perfectly aware of the technological evolution in terms of mechanical response, evolution of materials, ergonomics and aerodynamics. With the Forcite project a new topic is tackled, the connection and usability of many pieces of information that increase the safety of the motorcyclist and the pleasure of riding assisted by advanced technology. We thought for Forcite of a techno-graphic that would emphasise everything that is inherent in this ambitious project, hoping that the emotional approach will tell at first sight the complexity of a product projected to the future."

- Aldo Drudi

Forcite MK1S Nexus Photoshoot - Back View
Forcite MK1S Nexus Photoshoot - Image #1
Forcite MK1S Nexus Photoshoot - Image #2
Forcite MK1S Nexus Photoshoot - Image #3