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Forcite MK1 Pioneer Pack

AUD $1,169

Reinvent the way you ride. The Pioneer Pack is your last chance to secure a discount, and your only opportunity to purchase before bulk MK1 stock arrives in mid 2021. You’ll also make a friend in Forcite for life as you enjoy discounts on every future model on the horizon.

Far more on offer than just a helmet, the MK1 system replaces video capture and communication click-on devices while introducing Forcite’s patented RAYDAR alerting technology, all delivered to you in a seamless, intuitive and non-distracting interface.

Super lightweight, compact, ECE 22.05 approved, and visually stunning in gloss or matte carbon fibre with incredible attention to detail, taking ownership of a Forcite MK1 is an experience to be remembered.

Shipping from February 12, 2021

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Choose your FREE extra visor
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What's included

1 Forcite MK1 Helmet specified to your preference

1 Bluetooth Controller

BT Controller Bar Mount & BT Controller Surface Mount

Free spare visor of your choice

Essentials bag (USB-C charging cable, L-wrench)

Spare Camera Shield

2 Anti-Fog inserts

Earn Forcite “Pioneer” status for life. You'll receive 20% off any future helmet models released by Forcite. Discount available on ONE purchase per future model, per customer.